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Family Law

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At the Gabriel Law Firm in Philadelphia, PA,  we offer exceptional legal representation in a wide variety of family law matters. These include divorce, child support, child custody, mediation, adoptions, modifications, and enforcements. To learn more about our family law practice, or to discuss your unique case, contact our office and schedule a free initial consultation.


An “agreed” divorce without attorneys may sound like a great idea, but in reality, even the most harmonious of divorces often involve serious differences in opinion about property, child custody, support or other related matters. That doesn’t mean that all divorces need to go to trial, but you should think very hard before agreeing on any sort of property settlement or parenting plan and filing for divorce without consulting an experienced divorce attorney. Anyone who is considering or being faced with a divorce should seek representation and legal advice in order to protect their rights. While in general, the more a couple is in agreement about the core issues of the divorce and is open to communicating in an atmosphere of mutual respect, the less expensive and time-consuming the divorce process usually is. However, agreement doesn’t mean you should give away all the things you are entitled to have as a matter of law. This is especially true if you have minor children or significant assets, like homes, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and retirement plans. If you are considering filing for divorce (including high-asset divorce), or if you and your spouse need help mediating the dissolution of your marriage, contact us to learn more about your legal options for moving forward.

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When parents don’t act quickly to resolve matters of custody or child support, their children are usually the ones who pay the price, as they can be left with an unpredictable schedule or they are not provided the resources they need to maintain their daily needs. An experienced custody and support attorney can assist you with these matters and keep your children from being left in legal limbo so to speak. Courts in Philadelphia have specific guidelines when determining child support amounts or determining child custody. By allowing a Pennsylvania family lawyer to represent you during disputes related to child support or custody matters, you can be sure you are treated fairly under the law and that what is in the best interest of your children becomes a legal reality. It’s almost always best for parents to try to work together in securing custody or support orders, but in the event that this isn’t realistic, we will aggressively go to bat for you in court and see you’re your case is presented fully and fairly before a judge. Contact our office now to get started.


We also represent clients in other kinds of family law matters, including but not limited to spousal support, legal separations, modifications, annulments, and other issues. If you need advice with a family law issue we can assist you in resolving your legal issue effectively without compromising your rights or your dignity in the process.

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